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Weight Example Delivery service
Express (2-3 working days) Regular (4-5 working days)
0.25 CD, DVD, Necklace BundleEnvelope - £14.93 £18.83
0.5 Adidas tank top, Tshirt, Watch, Xbox Game BundlePack - £17.84 £21.92
0.9 Camera, Baby fleece jacket, Cosmetics, Track Suit BundlePack - £17.84 £18.95
2.5 Laptop, Set of kitchen knives, 2 pairs of Jeans, Jumper, Pajamas, iPad, eBook reader, Coat £35.84 £31.71
5 Boots, Baby doll, Ugg Boots £50.51 £41.74
10 Cowboy Hat, Power tools, Home Server, Steering wheel cover, 3 pairs of shoes £80.63 £73.68
25 Electric guitar, TV £156.46 £108.31
50 Kitchen chair £213.56 £123.13
100 Lounge chair £424.16 £244.56

You can find more information on how shipping charges are calculated here.

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