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How does BundleBox work?

BundleBox provides you with your personal USA parcel forwarding address. Registration takes a minute, and your address is available immediately. BundleBox has a $15 subscription fee, which you will get refunded with your first shipment.

With your BundleBox address, now you can shop at any USA website, using your BundleBox address as your delivery address. Once your purchases arrive at your BundleBox, we will notify you via email and you can keep your items in your BundleBox for 30 days, free of charge.

When you are ready, and received all your purchases, you can book the shipment of your purchases to the final destination. BundleBox offers an Fedex express delivery service of 2-3 days and a Fedex regular delivery service of 4-5 days. The more items you bundle, the better our shipping rates get.

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