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Prohibited items

Our guidelines

  • We do not ship goods that will get us and you into trouble. Examples are unlicensed drugs, offensive weapons, pornographic material, counterfeit and pirated goods, firearms, explosives and ammunition, items of fur, certain plants and their products, medicines an other pharmaceutical products, certain radio transmitters and cordless phones not approved for use in your country; Shipments or commodities whose carriage, importation or exportation is prohibited by any law, statute or regulation, for example coffee into Spain.
  • We do not ship goods that go bad, like food items or other perishable products.
  • We do not ship goods that are very likely to break, like aquariums, glass plates or window screens.
  • We do not ship goods that may be considered hazardous such as chemicals, aerosol spray, cigarette lighters, cleaning and toner fluids, etc.

The list of the products that are prohibited and restricted by air carriers for shipment to any country

    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Animal skins (non-domesticated)
    • Articles of exceptional value (e.g. works of art, antiques, precious stones, gold and silver)
    • Dangerous goods/hazardous materials (including nail polish, batteries, aerosol spray like hair spray, paint or perfume)
    • Firearms
    • Furs
    • Ivory and ivory products
    • Live animals
    • Money and negotiable items
    • Perishable goods
    • Personal effects (except to the U.S.)
    • Plants
    • Pornographic materials
    • Seeds
    • Stamps of unusual value
    • Tobacco and tobacco products
    • Unaccompanied baggage
    • Animal carcasses
    • Human corpses, human body parts, human embryos, or cremated or disinterred human remains
    • Shipments that require us to obtain a local, state or federal license for their transportation
    • Shipments that may cause damage or delay to equipment, personnel or other shipments
    • Lottery tickets and gambling devices where prohibited by law
    • Hazardous waste, including used hypodermic needles or syringes, or other medical waste
    • Packages that are wet, leaking or emit an odor of any kind
    • Live insects
    • Shipments or commodities that are prohibited by applicable local, state or federal law


To learn more on prohibitions and restrictions that may apply to particular goods please contact the Border Control authority for your country. To find your local customs office please go to World Customs Organisation website:

Alternatively,please contact our delivery parter Fedex International:
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