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Super Saver Account

Upgrade to a Super Saver account and save on shipping charges.  Save 20% on your shipping charges for an annual subscription of US$99.00.

Suite Insurance

You can insure your purchases while they are in your BundleBox against damage or loss up to a value of $10,000. We charge an annual fee of £19.99 for this optional insurance, or £4.99 to cover your purchases up to a value of $500.

Repack & consolidation service

BundleBox offers a repacking and consolidaton service to save on shipping cost and to ensure that your purchases are extra protected during transit. Your purchases will be packed using protective packaging that best suits the item.

Learn more about our repack and consolidation service.

Content Insurance

You can insure your purchases during transit to a maximum of $10,000 per shipment, all risks and no excess. In case of damage or loss prior to delivery Bundle Box will manage the claims process on your behalf.

Carbon Offset

Already by shipping your items in one consolidated shipment from the USA to the UK, you are reducing the CO² emitted by your import activity from the USA. We feel that is not enough. Now with Bundle Box you can carbon offset the CO² that is emitted during the transport of your shipment by road and air.

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