This week Watches topped Ugg boots as most popular import item on the Duty Calculator.  Ugg boots still were number 2, followed by laptops and digital camera’s.

Import duty on watches is not calculated on a straightforward percentage rate. The duty payable on a watch is expressed as 4.5% of the product value + shipping costs with a minimum of €0.30 and a maximum of €0.80. In general, the duty payable on a single watch normally equals €0.80. You can find more information on the world of import duty calculations for watches here.

Our users are buying mostly from the USA, China and Hong Kong. Those countries cover over 80% of the calculations. The most popular categories are Consumer electronics, Apparel and shoes.

For over 70% of the calculations there is no import duty,  either because the total duty amount due is less than £8 (or10), or the total value of the imported goods is less than £120 (or 150) or, even better, some items are even duty free! For around 15% of the items, also the VAT results in zero. Neither duty nor VAT is payable if the total value of the goods (not including shipping charges or insurance) is less than £18 (€22, or equivalent in local currency).

Happy Bundling!

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