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When the Vibram Fivefingers Shoes were purchased recently by a UK Bundleer, we were intrigued. The strange glove like creations have been taking the US by storm for the last year.

We caught up with LA resident Vid Guerrerio who owns a pair to see what all the hype is about and if we should add them to out BundleBox wish list!

Vid in his KSO Treks

Vid wearing his KSO Treks

Hi Vid, where did you hear about the Vibram Fivefinger shoes?

I hike fairly regularly in the LA area and really wanted to find a pair of shoes that would allow me the freedom and flexibility of going barefoot but with sufficient protection. A search of “barefoot hiking shoes” or something like that led me to a blog about the fivefingers and from there to the Vibram site.
KSO Trek

Vibram KSO Treks $125

Which do you prefer and how do Vibrams feel to try on?

The version I love is the KSO Trek which is fully enclosed and made of leather with a textured sole. I also have a pair of regular KSO’s that I use for the gym. I love how they feel, like a pair of custom made gloves – in fact when asked to describe them, most often I refer to them as “driving gloves for the feet”.

Did it take time to get used to them?

They felt extremely comfortable from day one in terms of fit and function and I love hiking with them. During my first few hikes in the shoes, I noticed that my legs and feet got fatigued in ways I was not accustomed to. However, after a couple of weeks that passed as my muscles got used to the change.

Do you use them as part of your workout or are they more of a style statement?

I use them primarily for hiking and workouts, but I sometimes wear them around town if I’m just looking to be comfortable and don’t need to dress up.

Vibram Fivefinger Fitness

Vibram's worn for sports

Does it feel different when you then revert to normal shoes?

It does feel different, but it’s not like it’s any bigger adjustment than switching from tennis shoes to wingtips.

Tell me about the reaction you have received when people see the shoes?

Most people think they’re cool and, in the beginning, I used to get stopped at least a few times each hike by admirers.  As the shoes have gained in popularity, however, most people (in LA at least) are familiar enough with them that over the last several months I don’t get stopped nearly as often.

Would you recommend them to others?

I would only recommend them to people who are fit and healthy with reasonably good posture and without collapsed arches.

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