Supreme New York Store has just reopened on March 3rd and we have immediately placed a couple of BuyForMe orders: one for a Schott Leather Motorcycle Jacket and one for a Lightweight Plaid Flannel Shirt.  Limited quantities, unique styles are the characteristics of Supreme New York.  So hurry up before it gets too late!

Start shopping with BundleBox BuyForMe Concierge service.  Supreme New York does not accept payments from international credit cards, however BundleBox can buy on your behalf.  Register and place a BuyForMe order, we will purchase on your behalf within 24 hours and check your goods in your BundleBox Suite.  Need more information?  Discover how easy it is.

Schott Custom Perfecto Leather Jacket

Schott Custom Perfecto Leather Jacket - Price $598.00

Supreme New York Plaid Shirt Dark Royal - $118.00

Supreme New York Plaid Shirt Dark Royal - Price $118.00

Supreme New York is the home of New York City Skate Culture.  Skaters, Punks, hip-hop heads all gravitate towards Supreme.  Over its 16 years of history, Supreme has worked with some of our generation’s most groundbreaking designers, artists, photographers and musicians to define its authenticity and attitude.

The latest testimonial for Supreme is Lady Gaga, shot by Terry Richardson.

Lady Gaga Shot by Terry Richardson for Supreme

Lady Gaga Shot by Terry Richardson for Supreme

Browsing the online Shop of Supreme New York is a rather unique experience as well, we clicked on “shop” and then “view all”: shirts, t-shirts, jackets, leather jackets, trousers, pants, hoodies.  As well as skateboards, hats and Accessories.

Supreme Assortment View All

Supreme Assortment View All

BundleBox is a parcel forwarding service that provides a USA address to buyers and fashionistas overseas.  Buyers can therefore purchase their goods and ship them to their USA address at BundleBox where the parcels get consolidated to save on shipping charges.  The import duty rate for importing Schott Leather Motorcycle Jacket from United States into Germany, UK, Ireland, Netherland, and most of the European countries is 4% – the commodity code for a leather jacket is 4203100000.  The import VAT rate to Germany is 19%.  The import duty to Russia is however 18% and the import duty VAT is 18%.  Learn how to calculate import duty and VAT charges on the DutyCalculator.

Happy bundling

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