Hey Bundleers -

We got a mention on ITV This Morning this week. Below you can read the transcript, provided by BroadCast Insight (for free!)

Happy bundling!

This Morning – ITV1 London(23/11/201)

I’ve got a top tip off the week. Tell us, Jenni ,

do. Here we go, so this is

basically how to save money on

Christmas shopping. Everyone

knows if you go to America you

get things cheaper, we all know

you can save a lot of money

there. For instance, the post

office did a bit of research

and they did a list of 10

presents, OK. £1,296 these

presents were cost in lnd but

they cost £664 in America. How

do you get it here? I tell you,

I’ll tell you. Things like ug

boots £175 here, £96 over

there. True religion jeans,

£319 here, £119 there. You can

see the list. There’s lots of

things you can save a lot of

money on. So there’s this

really clever idea. You don’t

have to go to America to get

the American cost. If you shop

online you obviously then incur

the postage and packaging

costs, the import duties and

all the rest of it. However,

you can get this thing, it’s

almost like setting up your own

American address, a temporary

residence of PO box. You know

you see all these storage units

around the UK where you can

store sofas and thing like

that. In America you can hire

one of them. So there’s

companies like Bundle Box and

what they do is they allow you

to get an American address. So

buy what you want online, send

it to your new temporary

American address, they will

email you to say oh, your

address has arrived, your bit

of electrical goods have

addressed and what not and once

they’ve arrive ed you can

arrange it all to be shipped en

masse. That means you eliminate

the multiple postage and

packaging. You get one big bill

for one parcel which will be

inevitably cheaper. You still

have the dut ies but you will

save money.