HP Touchpad on Best Buy

Hi All -

Just a quick note with the key facts on the Best Buy offer of $99 for an HP Touchpad and how to get one via BundleBox.

- According to some sources supplies are running low already (PC Mag, PC World), and the Best Buy site says “Sold out Online”

- BundleBox users have ordered directly from the Best Buy website with their BundleBox address. Some BundleBox users have had their orders cancelled.

- We received many Buy For Me personal shoppers orders, with in store pick-up. We will try our best to fulfill them (there is a one order per customer limit), on a first come first serve basis. If we are not able to fulfill your order, you will not be charged.

- Estimated shipping costs to your desired final destination you can estimate with our total cost calculator.

- For updates, follow us on twitter @BundleBox and to update fellow Bundleers with your findings please add #HPTouchpadviaBX

Happy bundling

Andre & the BundleBox team