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We have shipped another Motorola Xoom today - The Motorola Xoom looks set to be one of the most desired (and priciest) tablets of 2011, so it’s no surprise that early adopters (bloggers and developers) are rushing to get one.

The Motorola Xoom retails for $799.99 on the Motorola Store without contract.  Unfortunately, the coupon that DroidLife uncovered to save 25% off no longer works.  That was a deal!  The coupon made happy several quick and opportunistic users.

Motorola Xoom Android Tablet - Price $799.99

Motorola Xoom Android Tablet - Price $799.99

The Motorola Xoom weights 2 kgs and you can check the BundleBox international shipping rates here.

Tablets are zero-rated on duty charges.  Therefore import VAT charges are the only fees that apply.  Import VAT charges to UK total £109.46, to Germany €123.74, to Sweden SEK1461.88.

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The BundleBox Team

Hi there -

We are almost ready to launch the beta version of our Android App for the Duty Calculator. Pieter is adding the final touches, it all looks great and works really well.

Now the question is, how should we price our Android App. Let us know your thoughts. We are running a poll on Linkedin where you can vote. Below you can see the results so far.

Many thanks for your help

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How should we price our Android App for the Duty Calculator?

Android App for the Duty Calculator

Android App for Duty Calculator

Hi all -

Last Friday we launched the alpha version of our Android app for the Duty Calculator. Pretty, pretty cool…works even better than on the screen.

Many thanks to Pieter of Pi-Q who developed the app, Pesh of Effect Digital who did the design and our friends at Itransition who built the API. Great work guys!

You can find the app on your Android phone by searching the market place for ‘Duty Calculator’, or browsing to Applications -> Shopping -> By date

Let us know what you think! Over the next weeks we will be adding functionality and launch the beta version. Drop us a line if you have any comments or smart ideas.

Happy bundling