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New feature for commercial importers

Hi All -

Hope you are well.

Just a quick note to let you know that we launched a new feature for commercial importers.
You can now indicate if you are a commercial or private importer. If you are a commercial importer, we’ll add your company name and VAT/Tax registration number to the import documentation. This will help you with reclaiming any import VAT that you may have paid. For example, when importing goods into the UK as commercial importer, you will receive automatically VAT credits from HMRC.

You can set your importer status in your account section, or when you book a shipment in the billing address.

Happy bundling

Team BundleBox

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Kids and Toy Stores

Hi Bundleers!
Welcome to the blog dedicated to Kids and Toy Stores. This year is going to be huge, and there are tons of toys that will be very popular, including the new
LeapFrog Explorer Learning Tablet, Let’s Rock Elmo, Rock Star Mickey, NERF Vortex guns, and much more.
We are here to help you find the best toys and clothes for kids at the lowest prices. We make it easy for you to shop by listing the hot toy shops on our website.
When it comes to USA shopping, if you’re looking for all the hottest toys of the season, these stores top our lists for children’s toy stores:
The online Disney Store is the official site for Disney shopping. Get the best deals on children’s favourite Disney characters including toys, electronics, home and collectibles, kids and adult clothing, seasonal products, movies and more.
LEGO is engaged in the development of children’s creativity through playing and learning and provides toys, experiences and teaching materials for kids at different ages.
So much more than just toys – the ultimate destination for kids, big and small! The perfect toys store for every budget, Toys R’ Us has everything from toys for young children to games for older teens and adults.
Quite possibly one of the most famous toy stores in the world, you can find some very unique toys here.
It is one of the largest toy makers in the world including Action Figures, Board Games, Digital Games, Online Games, and more.
Best Children’s Apparel Stores – For the best deals and selection on the most stylish, quality clothing for children, look here:
Offers apparel and accessories in sizes newborn to 12, including pants, jackets, dresses, shirts, shoes and school uniforms. You can find great savings on clearance items.
Gap clothing combines classic style and comfortable design for a great look. Find clothes that fit every individuality.
Shop for children’s clothing ranging from baby clothes to big boy and big girl clothing including shoes, shirts, pants, jeans, dresses, school uniforms and more.
The leading brand of children’s clothing, gifts and accessories for infant through to 7-year-old.

As always, BundleBoxFacebook and Twitter pages are the places to get the most up-to-date information on best offers.

Happy bundling!
The BundleBox Team

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Hot Technology Trends 2012

Hi Bundleers!

Get ready for a big year: the Dragon is the mightiest of all the signs in the Chinese zodiac. Think dominance, ambition, and drive!

If you think 2011 was a wild year for technology, just wait until you see what 2012 has in store for you! Luckily, you know that the best way to beat the market is to stay a step ahead of it.

While we are all waiting for the new iPhone 5 to be released or the new iPad 3 to be on display, we also enjoy learning about interesting new gadgets. Here are a few of the more interesting items you’ll want to stay on the look-out for. Currently most of these products are only available in USA stores, but luckily for our BundleBox customers, that’s not a problem.

Check them out to see if they are powerful enough to take on a new year of gadget obsessions:

Liquipel water damage has threatened our phones for far too long. Waterproof your device! Liquipel protects every feature of your device with a revolutionary waterproof shield.
Samsung 55″ OLED Display - the new OLED displays – ultra-thin with amazing sharpness and colour that brings home theatre to the next level
Swivl - use your iPhone or iPod Touch for filming! motorized base with motion sensors that holds your iPhone or iPod Touch. It has a start/stop and built-in microphone that makes videoing simple.
Innovative Technology Under Cabinet iPad Player Dock - watch movies or surf the web while you eat or prepare food

We also give out all the best advice to our readers to make sure you know where to get the USA products you want, so visit the Best Electronic Stores – for the best deals and selection on iPads, Kindles, video games and cool gadgets, look here:

BundleBox Preferred Merchant! All the latest tech releases can be found here. Sign up for their Daily Deals so you never miss a good sale.
With more than 3 million products and an award-winning web site, Newegg earns the loyalty of tech-enthusiasts and novice e-shoppers alike. Check out the Shell Shockers, Daily Deals and Eggstra! sections for amazing sales.
Has everything you are looking for in home entertainment electronics.  This retailer of high-end electronics is your premiere destination for the latest technologies and most distinguished brands. Don’t miss their fantastic clearance section!
The world’s largest multichannel video game retailer.

For more information on Top Websites go to Top USA Technology shopping-sites

As always, BundleBoxFacebook and Twitter pages are the places to get the most up-to-date information on new releases and where to find these products.

Happy bundling!

The BundleBox Team!

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Sales season

Hi Bundleers!

It’s the holiday sales season, which must be every shopper’s favourite time of year! Your favourite US stores and brands and must-have items are discounted.

So, what makes these USA sales so special? How low can the prices be? Well, let me tell you, some stores have nearly lost their mind as you can find their items up to 80% off! Want to know where to find the top sales at the top USA stores? Here are some tips to get the most out of this shopping season:


Additional 40% off ALL MEN’S and WOMEN’S clearance items until 2/9/2012.

NO LIMIT ON NUMBER OF TIMES YOU CAN USE COUPON CODE. That’s right guys use it hundred times!
New items will be added DAILY to the clearance section so check back every 24 hours and you will see new merchandise appear. All the way up through to the 9th February.
Shop men’s clearance here
Women’s clearance here

Use code “40CLEAR” at checkout to redeem discount.


Use the code FEBSALE1 to get 50% off the whole store!!!!


Take an extra 20% off already reduced styles!!


Extra 30% off all Aldo boots clearance!! Up to 70% off !!


Lowest prices of the season – up to 80 % Clearance!

We hope you enjoy these great sales offers this holiday season!

The Bundle Box Team

Don’t forget to follow us now on Twitter and get $10 off your next shipment!

To learn about new offers also add us on facebook:

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Martin Luther King Day

Hey Bundleers -

Our warehouse will be closed today, as it is Martin Luther King Day. All shipments will go out tomorrow!

Happy bundling

The BundleBox team

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Happy New Year!

Hi Bundleers!

We wish you a FANTASTIC 2012! We are very excited about 2012 as we have planned a number of very exciting developments for BundleBox. Stay tuned!!

Andre & the BundleBox Team

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Hi Bundleers -

Just a heads up on our Christmas delivery schedule.

To ensure pre-Christmas delivery:

- For Regular delivery service book before Dec 16th 20:00 GMT
- For Express delivery service, including BundlePack & BundleEnvelop, book before Dec 19th 20:00 GMT

Happy bundling!

Andre & The BundleBox Team

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Hey Bundleers -

As the festive season is fast approaching, we thought you could use some help coming up with some special gifts for that special someone. BundleBuzz is here to help you!

With BundleBuzz you can browse selected recent shipments and view what cool products fellow Bundleers bought from the USA. By selecting your destination country, you can get an idea of shipping costs and import duty & taxes. Click on the View Item button, and this takes you directly to the website of the merchant where the item was bought.

Happy bundling!

The BundleBox Team

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BundleBox on ITV This Morning

Hey Bundleers -

We got a mention on ITV This Morning this week. Below you can read the transcript, provided by BroadCast Insight (for free!)

Happy bundling!

This Morning – ITV1 London(23/11/201)

I’ve got a top tip off the week. Tell us, Jenni ,

do. Here we go, so this is

basically how to save money on

Christmas shopping. Everyone

knows if you go to America you

get things cheaper, we all know

you can save a lot of money

there. For instance, the post

office did a bit of research

and they did a list of 10

presents, OK. £1,296 these

presents were cost in lnd but

they cost £664 in America. How

do you get it here? I tell you,

I’ll tell you. Things like ug

boots £175 here, £96 over

there. True religion jeans,

£319 here, £119 there. You can

see the list. There’s lots of

things you can save a lot of

money on. So there’s this

really clever idea. You don’t

have to go to America to get

the American cost. If you shop

online you obviously then incur

the postage and packaging

costs, the import duties and

all the rest of it. However,

you can get this thing, it’s

almost like setting up your own

American address, a temporary

residence of PO box. You know

you see all these storage units

around the UK where you can

store sofas and thing like

that. In America you can hire

one of them. So there’s

companies like Bundle Box and

what they do is they allow you

to get an American address. So

buy what you want online, send

it to your new temporary

American address, they will

email you to say oh, your

address has arrived, your bit

of electrical goods have

addressed and what not and once

they’ve arrive ed you can

arrange it all to be shipped en

masse. That means you eliminate

the multiple postage and

packaging. You get one big bill

for one parcel which will be

inevitably cheaper. You still

have the dut ies but you will

save money.

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Thanksgiving & Black Friday Sales

Hi Bundleers!

Just a quick heads up on our Thanksgiving schedule and the Black Friday Sales.

Our warehouse will be closed on Thursday, but we will operate as usual on Friday.

Any shipments you book before Wednesday 20:00 UK time will go out that Wednesday. Any shipments you book after that, but before Friday 20:00 UK time will go out before the weekend.

Then the exciting stuff: Black Friday sales! The sites to follow are, and They are listing the best shopping deals as they go live. Some sites start sales already on Thursday, midnight USA time, or 5:00am UK time, for the early birds.

Happy bundling!

The BundleBox Team

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