Google will launch a new revolutionary product on June 15th.  The Chromebook is the First Web Based-Only Notebook Computer and will come in an Acer and a Samsung model, priced at resp. $349 and $429. The Chromebooks will be sold at BestBuy and Amazon and we are ready to take BuyForMe orders.  Be one of the very first to play with the latest Google Gadget, buy it in the USA, deliver to your BundleBox address and book a shipment to almost 200 international countries.  We deliver in 2-3 business days with FedEx.

Introducing the Chromebook - Google captivating Commercial

Introducing the Chromebook - Google captivating Commercial

The Google Chromebook will have no programs, everything is web based: “Your apps, games, photos, music, movies and documents will be accessible wherever you are and you won’t need to worry about losing your computer or forgetting to back up files.”

The Google  Chromebook is a tablet computer and therefore it is zero rated on duty when importing to the European countries.  Import VAT however is still to be paid.  Import VAT rate to UK is 20%, the rate to Germany and the Netherlands is 19%.   You will prepay import duty and VAT taxes with BundleBox, so you will not face any bad surprises upon/after delivery.  See below our estimate.

We assume that the shipping rate for a Google Chromebook to UK is GBP 26.00, and therefore you will pay GBP 74.71 (GBP 26.00 + GBP 48.41) to get your tablet delivered to your doorstep in the UK.

Total customs value: £242.03
Import duty: £0.00
Import VAT: £48.41
Total import duty & VAT due: £48.41
(run your own total landed cost calculation on BundleBox or try the DutyCalculator)

We hope this helps,

Happy bundling

The BundleBox Team

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