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The iPad2

the ipad2

Hi All -

Last night the iPad2 was announced, and, like last year, immediately the BuyForMe orders started tickling in.

With the launch of the first iPad last year, we made over a thousand Apple fans outside the USA happy by getting their hands on an iPad early, before the iPad was released in their country. We worked extremely hard to circumvent all hurdles that Apple put in place to prevent this, but at some point Apple must have figured us out, and canceled all the remaining orders.

This year it seems to be a bit different. The Ipad2 is white, lighter, has video and is super fast. Also the time that Apple fans outside the USA would have to wait to get their hands on the new iPad is less. Just two weeks. What is the same is the maximum order of two iPads per customer. That makes it very hard for us to offer our normal BuyForMe concierge service.

We do not know yet what hurdles Apple puts in place this year, to prevent Apple fans from outside the USA to get their iPad early. We will do our best to fulfill the BuyForMe requests we have received so far, on a first come, first serve basis, but we can’t promise anything. Until we know more about Apple’s hurdles, we won’t take any new BuyForMe orders, to avoid disappointment. If this changes, we’ll let you know via our blog

Happy Bundling

Andre & the BundleBox team

We have recently shipped the Epson 8700UB from the USA.  The 8700UB replaces 8500UB and is the “bigger brother” of Epson.

The New Epson 8700UB 1080P Home Theater Projector on YouTube

Epson 8700UB 1080P Home Theater Projector on YouTube

Perfect for home theater and gaming, this projector has gained great PR reviews from consumer search (that names the Epson Home Cinema 8700 UB the “Top-quality 1080p projector“),  HDTV Magazine (“It is a great piece of equipment and really lives up to the “Home Cinema” name.  You’ll love it.”), Projector Central, Projector Reviews.

The best price that we have found online is on Visualapex.  The Epson Home Cinema 8700UB Projector is in stock and retails at $1,999.99.  The offer includes the following extras:  a FREE Lamp Offer ($300 Value),   $1899 after $100 mail in rebate, a complimentary Dust Cover ($29 Value).

Home Cinema 8700 UB for $1,999.00

Home Cinema 8700 UB for $1,999.00

We have found other competitive deals.  The retail price is $2,199.00 on Crutchfield.  A couple of interesting Buy it Now listings on for $1,987.00 and $1,988.00.   And we eventually found many interesting alternatives on .

Even if Visualapex does not ship outside of the USA, people can deliver worldwide with BundleBox.  BundleBox is the parcel forwarding service that provides a USA address to buyers overseas.  Buyers consolidate their purchases and save on shipping charges.

The dimensions of the Epson 8700UB Projector are 19.00in x 20.00in x 11.00in for a total chargeable weight of 12.47kg and an actual weight is 10.30kg.   Therefore the shipping costs to Ireland amount to €116.34 and the import VAT to €335.16.

No import duty is due to the European Union as projectors are duty free items.  The commodity code of a projector imported from the USA to the European Union is 8528691000.  You can calculate the total landed cost, that is the cost of the item plus the cost of the shipping plus import duty and VAT charges, with the BundleBox total landed cost calculator .

Happy bundling

The BundleBox Team